Thank You for Supporting El Sistema USA FY18

Your dollars can do amazing work by supporting the work of El Sistema USA!  We are growing to provide comprehensive information on the El Sistema movement in the U.S. and its evolving philosophy and methodology.

We are expanding to host even more resources as well as convenings that will enrich and support those who are building and supporting El Sistema inspired programs in the U.S. 

Thanks to YOUR generosity, we are thrilled to have grown to be 80 members strong, and more El Sistema-inspired programs are joining everyday! We held TWELVE webinars to support teacher training and fundraising for our members; we partnered with Leonard Bernstein and #Bernsteinat100 to offer "Somewhere Across America" for 30 programs and their student performances; we helped Sistema-inspired programs serve more than 20,000 students!

Please help us continue to GROW and serve our talented youth from across the country and around the world.


Donate $100

Support the cost of registration for a new program leader to attend the ESUSA National Symposium

Donate $250

Support the cost of a webinar to train ESUSA member teachers, staff, and board members in fundraising, classroom management, governance, and other skills necessary for strong, thriving organizations

Donate $500

Support an entire staff team in attending a regional professional development seminar or the Symposium

Donate $1,000

Support on-the-ground consulting from ESUSA staff and team members, connecting with local programs and developing ESUSA nucleos nationwide

Donate $2,500

Support the cost of a year-long graduate student administrative internship at ESUSA, supporting program delivery and logistics


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El Sistema USA is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


Goal: $85,000.00

Days Left: 331


$500.00 from Karen in Cambridge , Massachusetts

$100.00 from Jessica in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

$10.00 from Victoria in Salt Lake City, Utah

$100.00 from Jessica in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

$100.00 from Jessica in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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