In preparation for the 2019 El Sistema National Symposium"360 Degrees of Excellence", join Music Educator & Arts Integration Consultant Emily Smith and ESUSA Symposium Chair, Calida Jones, for a discussion on what makes a Request For Proposal stand out. 

This year's symposium will feature sessions that engage attendees in meaningful discussion that helps attendees leave each session with clear steps to make their program more successful. Requests For Proposals that encourage active discussion and collaboration from attendees will be prioritized by the Symposium Committee. 

Are you interested in submitting a Request For Proposal for the 2019 El Sistema National Symposium, "360 Degrees of Excellence" ?

Do you want tips for submitting a successful RFP or a chance to brainstorm and learn ways to engage attendees in your presentation? 

Join us Thursday October 11 at 11:00am to learn more! 

Webinar: Tips for Submitting a Request For Proposal for the 2019 National Symposium

  • Thursday Oct 11 2018, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM