Thursday, May 31st, 11:30am EST:  Dan Trahey, Artistic Director at BSO OrchKids / Baltimore Symphony Orchestra - "Collective Composition - Part 1 of 4"

Dan will lead the first of this four-part series.  The full series of Webinars will also include:

June - Camille Delaney McNeil - Vocalist, Flutist, OrchKids Guru

July - Emily Smith - Vocalist, Child Whisperer

August - Dr. Armand Hall - Conductor, Clarinetist, Sculptor of Young Teachers

In this May Webinar, Dan will discuss:

  • Creating and facilitating a creative and expressive educational environment 
  • How and where can you immersed in this work?
  • Improvisation leading to composition
  • Co-leadership with other adults and students
  • Facilitating student voice

If you haven't participated in one of Dan's Creative Composition Workshops, please visit our YouTube channel to see clips from the El Sistema USA 2018 National Symposium!  

Webinar: Dan Trahey on Collective Composition

  • Thursday May 31 2018, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM